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AKORT’ s fundamental principal is to execute the works of projects in compliance with Employer’s requirements, Contract conditions, specifications, and legal regulations of the country where the project is executed within the contract time schedule and budget.

Some of the highlighted principles of AKORT’s quality commitment are; - Identify errors and defects that may have incurred during engineering and/or work practice at early stages and inform the Employer.

- Take necessary precautions at early stages in order to eliminate further potential problems
- Inform the Employer before taking corrective actions and precautions
- Prevent quality defects and impairment completely by utilizing a step by step quality control system and procedure at engineering, purchase order,
manufacturing, transportation, and installation phases of the project.In order to increase effectiveness of Quality Management System continuously, performance indicators and measurable targets are defined. Development and progress are continuously tracked. AKORT employees shall adopt below listed principles and apply them in their job responsible fields.
- Give utmost importance to MTG brand name and compliance to requirements and contract terms of Employer when making decisions.
- Be conscientious on responsibilities and use own judgement when necessary
- Do not get into commitment with Employer and/or other AKORT employees if that commitment can not be fulfilled. Stand behind their commitment until completely fulfilled.
- Share knowledge and experience with other AKORT employees.
- Be sensitive to get adapted to Company Policies


Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection regulations are AKORT’s first level prioritised concerns in undertaken projects.

In order to secure compliance with HSE regulations;

- From bid preparation to final acceptance and hand over stages of the project to the Employer, AKORT makes risk analysis for all work activities considering Health, Safety and Environmental impacts.
- AKORT makes early planning and takes necessary precautions prior to commencement of site activities in order to minimize HSE risks and impacts to acceptable levels.
- AKORT provides involvement of employees in HSE regulations and policies.
AKORT continuously develops working methods and practices in order to secure effectiveness of the above activities.

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